The Glendale Lyceum

865 Congress Avenue

Glendale, Ohio 45246

(513) 771-8383

Membership Inquiry.

Application Process

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome applications for membership at the Glendale Lyceum. Since the Lyceum is a member driven club, an application packet must be obtained from an active sponsoring member. Please contact the Lyceum office to learn more about applying for membership or to learn how you can be contacted by a sponsoring member. The steps to active membership include:

  1. Completion of an application (part of the information will be supplied by you and part by your sponsors). Two active members should sponsor the applicant.
  2. A minimum of three Board Members signatures is required on the application. Your sponsors will assist you with introductions as needed. This is a prerequisite to begin the required two-month posting period.
  3. When these two steps have been completed, the application will be officially posted. During the posting period, which is a time for current members to meet and get to know you, it is important for you to meet at least seven of the board Members. (The approval of seven Board Members is required on all new member applications.) This may have occurred during step 2, but if not, plan to attend a quarterly "Meet the Board Party" with your sponsors.
  4. After the two-month posting period, the Board will vote upon the pending application and notify both you and your sponsors of the action taken.

Membership Paths

It is important that you select a preferred route to membership when making application:

  1. Traditional route - delays payment of Initiation Fees and Dues until membership posting and acceptance is completed. No facility usage or event attendance is permitted until acceptance.
  2. Fast Track route - allows you to begin using the club facilities and attend club events during the application posting period. A check for the applicable Initiation Fee shall accompany the application. When the application is approved for posting, you will be billed prorated dues and may begin immediate use of Lyceum facilities (tennis, pool, etc) and may attend Lyceum functions (parties, dinners, etc). The initiation fee is non-refundable unless the Board rejects the application.

Regardless of the route to membership, new members shall not have Lyceum rental privileges for any event/ function or voting privileges until Initiation fees are paid in full after final membership approval.

Membership Fees

Monthly Dues
(Billed Quarterly)

  Adult $50.98
  Retired (70+) $38.23
  Jr. (6-22) $10.41
  Minor (0-5) $ 3.46

Example: Family of 4

  Monthly $ 122.78
  Quarterly $ 368.83
  Yearly $1,473.36

One-time Initiation Fee

  35+ $950
  Under 35 $500
  Retired (70+) $500

Paddle-Only Membership

  Yearly $571.20

All fees subject to change