Q: May I bring guests to Lyceum functions?

 A: Yes, members may bring guests to Lyceum social events and to use the pool and racquet facilities.  Click here for the Pool rules Click here for the racquet rules.

Members should plan to accompany their guests while at the Lyceum.   Guests residing in Glendale and the greater Cincinnati area are encouraged to consider joining the Lyceum.

Q: How do I become a member of the Lyceum Dramatic Club?

A: All Lyceum members in good standing are eligible to become members of the Lyceum Dramatic Club and are welcome to participate in the activities of this group.

Q: Where do my membership fees go? And why do I pay to attend social events?

A: The Lyceum prides itself on keeping quarterly membership fees low. To accomplish this, we operate on a ‘pay as you play’ basis. The majority of your membership fees go toward operating expenses (staff, utility bills, facility maintenance). The social events at the Lyceum are typically break-even (the event fee pays for the cost of the event).

Q: May I use the Lyceum facilities for a private party?

A: Yes, members can rent the Lyceum facilities for reduced member rates. For rate sheet, guidelines and contract, please contact the General Manager.

Q: May a former member rejoin the Lyceum?

A: Yes, if a former member resigned in good standing and has no outstanding obligation for dues, assessments or other charges, they may rejoin the Lyceum without paying the initiation fee. The member must write a letter to the Board of Directors requesting reinstatement.

For further information on this, please click here to see the bylaws.

Q: Must I continue to pay membership dues for a child in college?

A:  Yes, children of senior members are expected to maintain their memberships until the age of 22. Please refer to the by-laws for further information.

Q: What is the process to join the Lyceum?

A:  Joining the Lyceum is a friendly, straightforward process.

There is a one-page application form for prospective members.  The prospective members are nominated by two sponsors from among Lyceum members. Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors and the Lyceum membership is notified of the pending application. During board review and posting, there is a fast-track option that allows prospective members to attend member events and use the facilities. For more information or to obtain an application packet, please contact the General Manager.

Application Steps:

  1. A Sponsor picks up application packet from General Manager
  2. The Prospective member(s) completes the one-page application form and gives to Sponsor
  3. Two member sponsors fill out the Sponsorship form and submit both the Prospective Application and Sponsor Forms to General Manager
  4. Prospective member application is presented to the Board. The Board votes to propose the prospective member application to Lyceum membership, followed by a two-month posting period.
  5. After the two-month posting period, Board members vote on final acceptance of application

During the application process, prospective members are encouraged to take the fast-track option to attend Lyceum events and get to know the Board of Directors and other members.

Q: What happens if I become in arrears in my membership dues?

 A:   They Lyceum depends upon the prompt payment of all fees and dues by its members for maintenance of the Club premises. Quarterly statements are mailed to members. Each member will be billed quarterly for dues on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.  Each installment of dues will be due and payable immediately upon receipt of the bill.  Any member whose dues and charges are not paid appropriately will be subject to procedure outlined in the by-laws.

For further information on this, please click here to see the bylaws.

Other questions may arise regarding memberships, rental and guest policies.  If you have a question concerning any aspect of your membership in the Lyceum, or use of its facilities, please contact the General Manager, or a Board Member for clarification.