The Glendale Lyceum facilities are available to both members and non-members to host personal, social or business events.

The Lyceum has rooms with varying capacities for use, such as:

Main Floor: Capacity 250. For your convenience, the  rooms are listed by the approximate number they seat. Please note, the rooms are not rented individually on peak days.

Library: Seats approximately 30 guests.
Ballroom: Seats approximately 160 – 200 guests.
Tea Room (At the end of the Ballroom): Seats approximately 45 guests. Seated capacity for Ball Room and Tea Room combined is 200 – 215
Sun Room: Seats approximately 40 – 60 guests.


View our current rental availability, or submit your rental request to get more information. Please call (513) 771-8383 for updated information or wait list availability.

Rental Policies

The Lyceum’s main building facility is available for rental by members and non-members. Rentals are subject to the following policies:

  1. Rentals shall not involve the use of the Lyceum for any illegal purposes.
  2. Occupancy is limited to 300 persons, including catering staff and entertainment.
  3. Set-up, supervision and clean-up fees shall be charged for all rentals at the rate specified in the rental agreement.
  4. All rentals are subject to Board of Directors review for acceptance and classification.
  5. The current sales tax rate for Ohio (Hamilton County) applies to the rental charge.